What is the Hotmail inbox and how can you use it?

By | February 19, 2019

Hotmail offers a popular service will many features. It is most known for its efficient inbox feature that allows the user a stress-free email experience.

So, let’s dive into what Hotmail email inbox service has to offer us. Once you have created your Hotmail ID, you have the free option of using its inbox features.

The inbox option that stores all emails that come into your account, into the category. The inbox shows you the subject of your emails, attachments, and the sender.

How can you use it-

Step 1- Log in to your Hotmail ID using a browser or mobile application
Step 2- To the left side of the screen, you will find a menu that shows all the features. Click on the Inbox option. Usually, there is a number to the side of the inbox option that shows the number of emails in your inbox.
Step 3- When u click on it you can see your inbox and all the emails it contains!

Some of its features and how to use them:

Additionally, Hotmail now offers even more features in their inbox that makes the experience quick, easy and efficient. The basic inbox features are available on the top bar which you can use to flag and pin the emails to the top, move them into other boxes if required.

You can also mark your emails as reading/unread or delete them collectively. You can also star emails you want to mark for later. The inbox is further divided into two separate categories. Those categories being– Focused and Other.

These two categories filter your important work emails from subscription emails in the mailing list so you can navigate through your inbox smoothly when you need to find an urgent email at the last moment.

The focused option has your primary emails while others might have subscriptions and miscellaneous. If you still have trouble finding your emails you can also utilize the search option that sorts emails in your inbox according to the keyword you type in. You can search your inbox according to the sender’s email or perhaps the subject of the email.

Additionally, you can also use the inbox to store conversation threads with a specific person. This displays all the attachment and content on the emails. You can also use the inbox features to archive all your conversations and emails to save them for later of keeping them privately.

Other than that, you have the One Drive feature where you get cloud storage of 5 GB to store your important documents to access them remotely or back up documents if you need to.

There is an online Office feature where you can create or view Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and more. Users can also use the calendar option which helps update of all your meetings or deadlines, as well as keep a list of all your tasks for the day.

Other than that, you can create contacts to have easy access to send out your emails. You have the option of typing in your email using different fonts, sizes or even emojis. In addition to this, you can view attachments in your inbox without entirely opening the email.

The Hotmail inbox is pretty simple with many features to offer. All these purposeful features in your inbox make it ideal for businesses, independent users or even for social purposes. You can efficiently send and receive emails on your account while attaching files of any kind

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