Two-way verification system in Hotmail

By | January 2, 2019

In today’s world where cyber-crime has taken a toll in the society, it is very important to make sure for all the internet users to improve their privacy. Everybody uses email services for communication through which people share their private and sensitive data which requires to be protected from hackers.

There are multiple cases reported every day for cyber-crime which leads to increased risk to personal information such as pictures, financial data, and confidential conversation.

To make the lives of all the internet users easier and secure, the two-way verification system is used by many people to improve the privacy of the accounts. It helps to reduce the risks of identity thefts and scams as it becomes difficult to for anyone else to log in your Hotmail account easily.

What is two-way verification system and how does it work?

Two-step verification is a way through which two processes of authentication are carried out one after another to confirm the identity of the Internet users who are requesting access to their Hotmail account.

It is an extra action to increase the security of the normal password only step to access the account. It employs two separate forms of identification that is your password and a contact method.

So, in case if your password is tracked by someone else, two-way verification will hinder them logging in to your account if they do not know the security questions.

Therefore, it is recommended to turn on the two-way verification system to be on a safer side. When you do turn it on, you will receive a security code to your easily accessible authentication app such as email or phone every time you log in your Hotmail account from a new device.

If you do not understand how the two-way verification system works, then here is a step by step guide for you to comprehend.

1. You should have an existing Hotmail account to which you have access.
2. Create another account as a backup email address.
3. If you do not want to create a backup account, then you can also use your phone or any other app you have access to for the authentication of your current account.
4. Every time you sign your account from another device or a different location than usual, a code will be sent to your chosen authentication device for security purposes.
5. You will then enter the code you received to log in your account

How to turn on/off two-way verification?

1. Sign in your Hotmail account.
2. Go to the “security basics” page and choose the menu of “more security options.”
3. An option of “Two-step verification” will appear under which you select “set up two-step verification” to you can turn it on or off as well, according to your previous setting.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you will end up increasing your security for your Hotmail account. However, make sure that you remember your process to avoid a long procedure to reset your password.

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