How to send an attachment on Hotmail

By | January 26, 2019

Why is it important to know how to send an attachment on Hotmail?

In this modern day and age, it is essential to know how to send emails. It is also crucial to know the different options available on Hotmail that you can use to improve your emails.

One of these options includes the option of adding attachments to your email. These attachments are very easy ways to send information to people. They could be various documents, pictures, and even videos.

Adding an attachment to your email is an extremely simple and important task that you need in almost every phase of your life.

Students in school and college and even adults in their workplaces use emails to formally communicate and send each other vital documents in the form of attachments.

You have the options of pinning Multiple attachments to your emails quickly. Your Hotmail account can manage different sizes of attachments and different formats including mp3, mp4, jpeg, pdf and much more! This article talks about how you can add attachments to your email in 5 easy steps.

How to send an attachment in 5 simple steps.

  • Log in to your Hotmail account and open a new email message.

Firstly, you must log in to your Hotmail account and open a new email message. You can also select your recipient and type out your email before you proceed to add the attachment.

    • Click the “Insert” button.

After you have opened a new email message, you can now proceed to add an attachment by clicking the “Insert” button. The “Insert” button is available in the list of options in the toolbar of your new email message.

    • Click the “Attachments” option.

After you click the “Insert” button, you will see an option called “Attachments.” To add an attachment to your email, you must click the “Attachments” button.

    • Select the file you want to attach

After clicking the “Attachments” option, you will see a window open on your computer screen. This window will have all the files on your computer.

This includes all the documents, pictures, and videos you have saved in your laptop. You can attach any of the files present in your computer.

However, sometimes the attachment does not attach since it is too large. So if your file is not connecting, then you will have to edit it to make sure it fits the size limit.

    • Press the “Open” or “Choose” button and wait for the file to upload.

After selecting the file of your choice, you must click on it. After you click on the file, there will be a button available on the bottom of that window that will give you the option to “Open” or “Choose” that file.

You must click on that option to upload the file as an attachment to your email. It is important for you to wait until the data has loaded entirely before sending it. Otherwise, there will be an error, and the email won’t send.

After your attachment is uploaded, you can send your email. Thus, adding an attachment to your email on Hotmail is extremely easy!

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