How to change your Hotmail password?

By | January 30, 2019

Your email account contains a lot of private and relevant data which is required to be secured to avoid any troubles because your account could be used for improper motives if accessible to any stranger.

One way to protect all your personal information is to change your password periodically. It does seem quite convenient to use one password for every other account you own because it is relatively easy to remember it.

However, if anyone figures out your password, that means all your accounts are accessible. Moreover, using the same password over a long period also increases the chance of someone guessing it by observing you as you type it up or you might forget to log out your account from someone else’s device.

Timely changes can prevent hacking and losing data in time of need. Therefore, to improve the security of your accounts, you need to change your password with time consistently.

Windows Hotmail Web controls all the main internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorers, etc. So, it is an integral responsibility of an internet user to keep the accounts safe and secure.

In case you suspect your account of being used by others or you feel as if your password is not strong enough then you should immediately change your password.

When you change your Hotmail password, it automatically adjusts the passwords for all the Windows Live services. Here is an easy step by step guidelines to help you with your password changes.

How to change your Hotmail accounts password?

1. Open your web browser and type in the Hotmail login URL into the browser’s address bar.
2. Click on the name of the upper left side of the main Hotmail homepage.
3. A list of options will appear from which you choose the Hotmail account option.
4. Select the option of “account” and log in with your previous details. (old password)
5. Click on the “change” option shown beneath the password reset bar.
6. Type up your old password in the bar.
7. Enter the new password you want to set for your account in the text box labeled “type your new password.” Make sure it’s a strong password!
8. You will be asked to re-type your new password for confirmation.
9. Choose the “Save” menu option to set your new password. You will automatically be guided to your Hotmail login page.
10. There! You are done. Now you can log in your Hotmail account with your new password.

Whenever you are changing your password for any account or system, always make sure it is unique and difficult to crack. Some vague password includes using your nickname, pet’s name, the name of any immediate family member or any personal interest of yours.

Your password should be something irrelevant to your personal life and interest. Moreover, it should include digits, lower and upper cases to improve the strength of the password.

Not only that but, it is better if you keep different passwords for every account to be on a safer side. If you follow these guidelines, then you do not have to worry about the privacy of all private. Happy browsing!

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