How to add a signature on Hotmail

By | February 14, 2019

What is an email signature?

Hotmail offers a service that allows users to add a signature when finishing off your emails. A signature is a text found at the end of the email message you send from your account to others.

Generally, it gives context to the receiver about who the might b email is from. It provides the recipient with a name, address, business name, and contact information. The typical format goes;

• Samantha Fitzgerald
• Sales internee, ABC Investment Group
• Tel: 0900-7860129 –
• 24, Pivot Drive. Washington

Most companies also use their firm’s website URL for further information in the end. However, you aren’t bound to use the signature that way only. A person can use the signature is any way they like.

Most independent users use their signatures to have a casual sign off to their emails. This text consists of sending warm regards, a funny line or any small message of their liking.

Hotmail also offers the service of attaching a little icon or picture of yourself along with your signature. This option is mostly used by businesses to create recognition between clients and firms. Once a signature is set by you, it is automatically added to all your emails.

If you don’t want your signature on a particular email, you can just erase it!

How to create your signature on your Hotmail ID?

Start by logging into your email account and compose a new email

Step 1- Open up a new email message

Step 2- Click on the message menu; this will open a drop-down menu. Click on signatures from the list.

Step 3- when opened, click on Signature to edit which gives you the option of drafting a completely new signature.

Step 4- click on the under edit signature and draft your desired signature whether it’s for a firm or a person greeting. You can add fonts, colors, sizes and different text alignments to your signature. You can also use bullet points and tables too.

Step 5- Now once you are satisfied with your signature, you can automatically apply it to all your emails. Click on New messages drop-down box and choose your desired signature. You can click on none if you don’t want your signature on every email.

If you wish that your signature appears in replies and forward as well then select your signature in the replies and forward drop-down menu. Otherwise, accept the default option of (none).

Step 6- click okay when you are done!

Nowadays you can also add an image to your Signature on Hotmail! Here how you can do it

Step 1- Open up a new message composition and click on Signatures
Step 2- Then click on Signature to edit and select your desired signature to which you want to add your logo or picture
Step 3- Click on the image icon, it will open up your file where you can select your image and click on insert
Step 4- You then have to resize your image. This function can be done by right-clicking the icon and choose Picture. Click on the size tab and resize your image. There will be a lock aspect ratio box right at the bottom of the page, which you have to tick as well.

Step 5- Click on Okay to save all your settings!

And there you are done!

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